More Food experiences

Are you an organization or a group of friends who wants to get to know new people, enjoy fellowship and eat some nice food?

Cook with Tikitut, locals or our language trainees.

You can come to us or we come to you.

If you are yourself or you are only a small group, you can look for our special offers.

Here you can participate as an individual.

Tikitut's dining experiences give you a unique insight into a multicultural Gothenburg. They are for you who are curious about people and want to experience new things as well as to exchange experiences with other people.

Below you find on example of our food experiences.
The experiences can be adapted to your particular wishes.


Tikitut-Dinner experience



There are many different Tikitut food experiences

Eris food - with Eritrean and Somali food.

Four seasons - with Middle Eastern food.

Rapsodi - a mix of different seasonal inspired food traditions.

The Gothenburg buffet - a mixture of the Gothenburg's different food traditions.

The multicultural potatoes - with potato dishes from different corners of the world and a small potato testing.

The program

Tikitut will meet you upon agreed time and place.

Walk to the event venue.
Joint cooking with Tikitut, locals or our language trainees.
Joint dinner and presentation of those who are involved as well as a short presentation of Tikitut community-based tourism.


1. Look out for the occasions when Tikitut's language trainees conduct their first Tikitut dining experience.

2. Book a Tikitut City Walk before or after the dining experience. It will give you a glimpse of Bergsjön and Sweden's history

YOU contribute!

All local actors, residents or former language trainees are hourly employed throughout the experience.

Told by guests

I felt included - especially during cooking.

@ tradgårds_anna
Thanks for a nice evening.

You asked me what I thought about the evening. I had a bit of difficulty to formulate myself at the time. But I had a nice feeling, a tikitut feeling as someone described it.

Today I understood what it was, a sense of security. After the dinner, I headed home through "Friday Gothenburg" which I often find threatening, but last Friday I felt safe.

I believe that an important part of Tikitut is to build bridges and reduce the fear of each other.

You get 5 stars from me!