Tikitut-Dinner experience

Cook and eat food from various corners of the world together with locals and our Tikitut team.

We finish the dinner with a sweet Kneffe.

NOTE! Reservations limited at the moment.

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Våra matupplevelser bygger på nära möten i en trygg miljö. Just nu är de inte bokningsbar. Ring oss om du vill veta mer.

Tikitut's dining experiences give you a unique insight into a multicultural Gothenburg. They are for you who are curious about people and want to experience new things as well as to exchange experiences with other people.

Below you find on exemple of our food experiences.

THe experiences can be adapted to your particular wishes.

Tikitut- Dinner experience

Menu exemple


Very sweet pastries originating in the Ottoman Empire


Lingonberry drink and
Pomegranate drink, Water

All food experiences include:
Cooking, dinner, non-alcoholic drinks, recipe sheets plus happy conversations and a pleasant evening.

Time: By appointment
Location: The Tikitut apartment in Bergsjön or your own venue
Number of places: Please call us



Kenyan fish dish, prepared on locally grown African fish



Multicultural potato dish in Swedish style with mushrooms, onion and cranberries.



Mixed Oriental salad with pomegranate, mint and deep-fried flatbread


African vegetable dish reminiscent of spinach, in Kenyan style