In 2015 our project started, UVUC – Young adults and community-based tourism

The aim was to increase the employability of long-term unemployed young adults by giving them  knowledge and competence on sustainable tourism, cultural heritage, entrepreneurship and development of sustainable attractions.


However, 2015 was also the year when many people were forced to leave their homes and reached Sweden. We experienced that UVUC with its diverse group of teachers, practical elements and the real meeting with people living in Gothenburg attracted newcomers. Very soon newcomers became the core group of our project.

During more than three year 77 people participated in UVUC. 68 were newcomers. They took us on a journey we didn't had thought of.

We learned when working in UVUC (we together with the newcomer) how we as a tourist organisation can open up tourism to also become a tool for inclusion, practice the new language and understanding the new home.

Many of the participants stated that UVUC gave them  an understanding of the new home, accelerated speaking swedish, gave them learning experiences and felt included.

UVUC started as an Allmänna Arvsfonds project, www.arvsfonden.se. After three year UVUC got included in our regular activities until changes in the swedish employment regulations forced us to pause UVUC.


An Erasmus + project in co-operation with MCG Soc. Coop., Italy Missions locales, France; Social Innovation, France and

Tikitut community-based tourism, Sweden.

Professionalize the actors of the integration of migrants and refugees

The PROFINT platform is online!


The PROFINT platform is dedicated to the professionalization of people and organizations that support the integration of migrants and refugees in Europe. It is organized around the PROFINT model and the recommendations it sets out in four main areas of action by those involved in the integration of migrants and refugees. It offers:


- PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES (educational cases, tools, good practices) linked to the model, presented and structured in such a way as to put users of the platform in a professionalizing process.


- A TRAINING which can be followed online by professionals, individually or in groups, and which at the same time offers all the supports necessary to organize face-to-face training, adapted to the context and requests of the participants.


The PROFINT platform is the final production of the PROFINT project, carried out as part of an Erasmus + partnership between four small organizations working in France, Italy and Sweden for the support and training of people far from employment. Their aim was to help, on the basis of their own experience, those concerned with the integration of refugees and migrants to implement effective support. Throughout the course of the project, they were particularly concerned by two issues: Knowing how to meet all the learning needs of the beneficiaries and fostering an effective articulation of the various actions and initiatives carried out to meet these needs.


The PROFINT project has adopted an approach similar to "action research", establishing a back and forth process between analysis of practices/experimentation and formalization/construction of tools by partner teams. The PROFINT project thus involved the partner teams in a concrete experience of professionalization that they formalized in the form of the PROFINT platform to share it with all those who want to successfully integrate migrants and refugees in their country.


Welcome to www.profint.org