In 2015 our project started, UVUC – Young adults and community-based tourism

The aim was to increase the employability of long-term unemployed young adults by giving them  knowledge and competence on sustainable tourism, cultural heritage, entrepreneurship and development of sustainable attractions.


However, 2015 was also the year when many people were forced to leave their homes and reached Sweden. We experienced that UVUC with its diverse group of teachers, practical elements and the real meeting with people living in Gothenburg attracted newcomers. Very soon newcomers became the core group of our project.

During more than three year 77 people participated in UVUC. 68 were newcomers. They took us on a journey we didn't had thought of.

We learned when working in UVUC (we together with the newcomer) how we as a tourist organisation can open up tourism to also become a tool for inclusion, practice the new language and understanding the new home.

Many of the participants stated that UVUC gave them  an understanding of the new home, accelerated speaking swedish, gave them learning experiences and felt included.

UVUC started as an Allmänna Arvsfonds project, www.arvsfonden.se. After three year UVUC got included in our regular activities until changes in the swedish employment regulations forced us to pause UVUC.

The PROFINT model


PROfessionalize the actors who train and accompany migrants and refugees in their social and professional INTegration.


An Erasmus + project in cooperation with MCG Soc. Coop., Italia; Missions locales, France; Social Innovation, France and

Tikitut community-based tourism, Sweden.

​Our objective

To develop a platform of professional resources that can be used autonomously by professionals or groups of professionals (for example in training sessions, peer meetings, project teams) to develop their skills in supporting the social and professional integration of migrants and refugees.

 Presentation of the project 

 Report IO1 Training and accompaniment devices for migrants and refugees / Success factors

The PROFINT model was developed during the second phase of the project PROFINT -  a strategic partnership Erasmus + which aims to contribute to the professionalization of actors involved in the support and training of migrants and refugees towards their integration in the host country. It gives them elements to support successful integration paths, whatever their initiatives and their level of intervention.

With successful integration paths, we mean that they make newcomers become full members of the hosting national community in getting a job, a housing and a social network leading them to economic autonomy and active citizenship.

The model is thought to be most useful for teams and partner organisations setting up and implementing structured accompaniment and/or training projects for supporting the socio-professional integration of newcomers, as it is the case for the PROFINT partners.

However, institutions financing and coordinating, different integration programmes, actors in the social, employment, training, sectors implementing or contributing to diverse integration projects or activities targeted on newcomers, as well as voluntary individuals involved in these projects and activities, will all be able to find elements in this practical framework to better situate their actions and to become more effective in contributing to the integration of migrants and refugees on their different territories.

The PROFINT-model gives a practical framework for all these actors.  It is based on success factors identified from the mapping and analysis that PROFINT operational partners made of their accompaniment devices and processes and that they refined on the basis of interviews and surveys made in each country with beneficiaries and actors involved in the accompaniment and training of migrants and refugees.

Download the  PROFINT model




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